The Greater Toronto Area’s Full-Service Senior Relocation Specialists

We know that moving for Seniors is a lot more emotional than for someone who has only been in their home a short while.  We offer a full range of additional services as part of our Seniors Platinum plan.


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Your home is likely the most valuable asset you have and it is likely that this asset that will allow you to enter this new phase of your life with relative financial ease. It is important to remember that the needs of senior home sellers and their adult children, who often assist or handle these affairs, are different from those of younger home sellers. For those selling their long-term homes, there are many emotional and logistical issues on top of the legal and financial ones. It is very important to work with someone that understands the different facets of this process and can educate you and your family so that you can make informed decisions and choices.
Key points to consider when working with a professional:
·         Will they educate you on the difference between renting vs. selling and how this choice will impact you personally and financially?
·         Will they assist you in selling?
·         Will they accompany you and represent you in the search for a community that fits both your needs and wants?
·         Will the professional you choose be willing to allow you the time and space to find your new home before putting your home on the market for sale?
·         Do they offer services to assist you with downsizing, moving, packing, unpacking and setting up your new residence?
·         Will they assist in preparing your home for sale?
·         Are they trained and/or do they have experience dealing with the special needs required by your situation?
·         Are they a top ranked team with experience and will they utilize the necessary resources to get your home sold?
Mitzy Dadoun and her team specialize in working with seniors –We are professionals that aid you in the process of determining whether or not independent senior housing or senior citizen assisted living is the best for your individual needs.



Throughout our adult life, we have gathered many things in our home, some important, others not so much. Downsizing is about finding a new home for our many gathered things that at one time may have served a purpose, but today, only take up space. Services we offer to help find a new home for your belongings in the downsizing process include:
·         Arrangement with family members and friends for pick-up of wanted items.
·         Mailing of items to family, friends, etc.
·         Donation of items to local charities, hospitals, animal shelters
·         Distribution of items for auction sale.
·         Private sale / Estate sales.
·         Distribution of items to consignment stores.
·         Distribution to recycling centers, including E-waste.
·         Scheduling of hauling services.
We help you to downsize your belongings, so you can be comfortable in your new home. We treat you as if you were a member of our own family. We help you to make wise decisions for difficult choices that you must make when selling your family home.



Moving from one home to another requires a lot of energy, focus, and patience that many of us do not have the time for. Mitzy and her team are here to absorb all of that from you, and to make the moving process as gentle as can be. Our services in the moving process include:
·         Providing moving materials, including boxes, tape, etc.
·         Packing of belongings.
·         Sorting and tagging of belongings.
·         Hiring reliable movers.
·         Coordinating move-in times with your new community.
·         Disconnecting utilities.
·         Arrangement of the downsizing process (as stated below).
Downsizing is the idea of letting go of your unused and unwanted belongings so you can live comfortably in your new home. Downsizing is NOT about taking everything you have from your current home and trying to squeeze it into a one or two bedroom apartment. Most often, our clients are moving into a much smaller place than they are accustomed to. We are trained and experienced professionals who provide knowledge and expertise on helping you decide what to bring to your new home and what to pass on to others to enjoy.



With the pressure and stress relieved from knowing your unused items will find a good home, our experts will also relieve the burden of setting up your new home. Research shows that the best way to find comfort in your new home is to have the arrangements similarly set up to your previous residence. To help with this process we use photographs taken prior to your move. Our services for your new residence include:
·         Unpacking of household items, including kitchen items, bathroom items, books, etc.
·         Unpacking of clothing into dressers and closets.
·         Furniture placement.
·         Assembly of the kitchen, bedroom(s), and bathroom(s) similar to previous residence.
·         Ensure utilities are working.
·         Removal of moving supplies, including boxes, plastic wrap, blankets, etc.
·         Hanging of pictures, drapes, and shower curtain (depending on community).